Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It’s a Rough Life

This is what I did on Monday, May 23, 2005. Woke about 6, made coffee, read the paper, checked email, checked on Florin, did some work on the computer (trying to work out when to put what messages and what they should say with local listserv manager on local listserv), ate breakfast, dressed, went to Curves, exercised, came home, ate lunch, worked on computer, tidied house, bathed, dressed, visited local shops about possibly carrying some of my artwork – 3 – good info/feedback – pleasant experience – came home, made popcorn, rested, watched tv, got phone call invitation to tea, accepted, computer (rec’d message from client about recent portrait, proclaimed “wonderful.”), tea with Kathleen, neighbor, came home, peeled potatoes, put veggies on to steam for dinner, called Jim re: eta from work, put pork chops on, read nyt book review, ate dinner, watched news, rec’d package, opened while eating, discovered it was a present from Sister Little, contained tea, teapot/cup, shortbread cookies, deciphered message from Sister Little; watched wheel of fortune while doing dishes, wiped up kitchen floor, wiped down counter fronts, tidied, watched season’s finale of 24 with Jim, during which got phone call from Sister Little about package she had sent. Fell asleep.


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