Thursday, May 26, 2005

Another Day

Last night we gave one of Jim's co-workers a little farewell party. She quit her job at PRB and is headed for Mexico for a few months. We hope she finds what she's looking for. Our little neighbor Charlotte came over for a tapioca pudding cup and to watch Wheel of Fortune with me, which she and I took a little time out to do while Jim and Dara rehashed PRB business and politics. There was much drinking of champagne and eating of strawberry shortcake, but not by Charlotte, who confined her eating to a chicken drumstick, a bite of my tortolini, and the pudding.

Here is another poem I wrote in memory of my Grandmother Nina, this one shortly after she died, after a phone call from Sister Little. This also goes with my painting, "Original Virgin Mother, Earth," which you can see if you click on my painting website and go to the "Icons" page.


The day Earthmother
Welcomed your frail human form
Back into Her bosom
The only blooms
In my Sister’s garden
Were lilies of the valley
And bleeding heart.

P.E. Ortman


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