Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Treasure Postcard

This is the postcard I made for the Treasure Postcard exhibit. It hasn't sold yet if you want to make a bid. The money goes to support women's shelters, one in DC and one in Turkey. It's called "Prayer for the Girls, Red No. 1." It's acrylic. My friend Joyce says it looks very spiritual.

Treasure Postcards 08

Last Friday night my friend Joyce Ellen Weinstein and I attended the opening reception of Treasure Postcards’08: Visual Voices of Women Artists Worldwide. It was a fundraiser for two women's shelters, one in DC and one in Turkey. According to the organizers, over 70 people attended the exhibit and we raised a little over $1100. Photos from the event are here:


My postcard is the red one in the middle of the row in the first photo, at the bottom of the circle. Joyce and I are in the middle of the third photo. I seem to be in the middle of a lot of things these days.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Stephanie Kissing Trevor

Stephanie, Chuck, Florin and Trevor came to visit, arriving last Saturday night, the 15th. We took Chuck to the airport on Sunday evening and Stephanie and the kids stayed for a couple more days. Her in-laws arrived by plane from Florida to help Steph drive down to Atlanta on Wednesday a.m. to spend Easter with her sister-in-law and extended family. Chuck flew down there for the week-end. I took a few pictures...we were too busy to take many!...this may be my favorite.


Jim brought my new computer home on Thursday night. What a relief to be able to work from home again.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Still No Computer

A whole lot going on but still using the library's and other people's computers so hardly ever have enough time and cannot upload any images.

We opened a new GGRF exhibit at the Strathmore Mansion on Wednesday and had the opening reception on Thursday evening. It was fabulous. The space is amazing. You can click on all the info and see some photos on the GGRF site. Charley Lauren drove down to come with us and had a wonderful time, said it was "very exciting." We enjoyed her company and quizzed her up one side and down the other about her new boyfriend.

I "hired" a summer intern for GGRF yesterday, a young women's studies major, rising senior at Gettysburg College. She had come down early for her spring break to be at the opening reception at the Strathmore on Thursday night. She's very bright, very capable, very talented and very enthusiastic. Hooray! She will be working for credit and our enormous gratitude and all the personal satisfaction she can get. :)

I have a painting in the Herstory exhibit at the Peace and a Cup of Joe Coffeehouse in Baltimore, opening reception on Sunday afternoon. Jim and I will go and then have dinner in Baltimore's Little Italy.