Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Last Day, July 10

Darn, we hate to go!! :(
Last sit down on the porch before we head to the train station.

Gun molls at the "brothel"...??

Would you believe Johnny Depp slept here?

Carey brought her knitting. Moo wanted to learn how...hmmmm....:)

The Columbus Carriage House B and B, where we stayed the night before I caught the train back to Chicago and DC.

Tommy's Garden

Discussing garden matters with Uncle Al and Aunt Peggy.

Tommy and Uncle Al checking things out

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip to the Pond

Mom takes the four wheeler.
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Al hoof it.

Uncle Grandpa


Six Beautiful Feet

Sarah, Chrissy and Kaye

Sarah and Taylor

Katy's Chickens

They are going to name one of them after Jim....


Uncle Carl at Katy's

Uncle Butch and Uncle Al

Auntie Glenda at Katy's

Auntie Suzy (the Nguince) and Carey

Auntie Peggy at Katy's

Grandma Paki and Sarah

More Chatting on the Back Deck at Katy's

Charter Members, Club Baby....

Dylan and Kayla at Kaye's

Carey, Charles and Terry Chat on the Back Deck

Charley Lauren and Will at Katy's

Charles, at Katy's

Katy on the Phone....Again...and...!

Sandy at Katy's

Becky at Katy's

Taylor, At Home

Carey and Sarah

at Ella's in Madison.

Carey, Sarah, Katy and Barb

at the Gardens at Madison.

The Gardens at Madison

The Thai Pavillion at the Madison Gardens

Katy and Sarah do "Om, Peep, Om" at the Thai Pavillion at the Gardens in Madison.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Trip to Wisconsin, Madison, Meeting "the Girls"

Katy and Me at the Italian restaurant the evening we arrived.

Sarah slept with Auntie Kaye

Carey was exhausted after the trip from Havre by train.