Friday, April 11, 2008

More About Hannah...Click on the Video!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

At Long Last, Ella and Owen

Started this portrait late last summer and, if the ceiling hadn't fallen down and etc....would have had it finished before now...but as it is, just finished a day or so ago.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Some Girls Gotta Skate

This story about one of our nephew's adopted daughters appeared in the base newspaper. She's the only girl on the team! There's a fabulous photo of her on the link.

Hannah Ortman, an 8-year-old player in the Columbus Youth Hockey Association, was honored March 21 at a Columbus Cottonmouths' game as the Player of the Game for her performance in a hockey tournament in Pelham, Ala. Hannah is the only female on the Mites Select Team, which won third place in the Pelham tournament. "Playing hockey gives me a lot of confidence," said Hannah, whose father Sgt. Andrew Ortman, is on his third tour in Iraq. "I hope one day more girls will want to play."

For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Help! Stop the War!

Long Time No Blog

Trying to get used to and learn the new computer, as well as respond to all the events that occurred as a result of the article of GGRF in the W. Post on March 14. Most of the time I just feel a little discombobulated.

We took down the Strathmore exhibit on the 31st, last Monday. We did pretty well. Sold several pieces of art, includiing "One Paws2, Ella's Favorite Shoe," and also made some money on cards, pins, and donations. Waiting for the final accounting and a check.

Just got back from the Warehouse Gallery where I picked up the two pieces I had in the "Peace Now" exhibit, which closed today, and enjoyed a little "light supper" Mollie made for the artists and friends...a sort of post exhibit reception. Yesterday spent most of the day at the annual DC Women's Caucus for the Arts Networking Day, held this year at the Arts Club of DC on I Street. Enjoyed both of these events.

Guardian Angel for Murch Auction

So...this little acrylic and collage guardian angel (Guardian Angel, Blue) is for the Murch Auction. Decided not to offer 1/2 off a portrait or mural this year as they never seem to get it right!