Friday, February 23, 2007

February 22, 2007

It turned really warm for a couple of days after the deep freeze and the little crocuses blossomed before all the snow melted. Now it's cold and windy again and today they are huddled with their little blossoms closed. I feel sorry for them! But it made me very happy to see them yesterday.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Homage to Albrecht's Superior View"

I hadn't intended to donate a painting to Northland College to be raffled at this summer's alumnae reunion activities. But on the back cover of the last issue of the magazine was a photo which inspired me. It was rocks on the shore of Lake Superior by photographer Don Albrecht.
So I created this 16" by 12" acrylic on canvas painting for the College. I call it "Homage to Albrecht's Superior View."

Friday, February 09, 2007


Kay and I have recently updated both my painting website


and the Girls Gotta Run website


Check them out!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Heart of the Problem, We Agree

In today's W. Post Book World, Anne Applebaum reviews a new book, "Infidel," by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali woman who escaped an arranged forced marriage by getting asylum in Holland and eventually becoming a member of the Dutch parliament.

According to Applebaum, along the way Hirsi Ali concluded, as I did several years ago while teaching at Mount Vernon College, that "the mistreatment of women is not an incidental problem in the Muslim world, a side issue that can be dealt with once the more important
political problems are out of the way. Rather, she believes that the enslavement of women lies at the heart of all of the most fanatical interpretations of Islam, creating 'a culture that generates more backwardness with every generation.' "

Hirsi Ali had helped Theodore Van Gogh make the movie about Muslim women for which he was killed by an angry, I would say deranged, Muslim radical.

Applebaum goes on to say that "Thanks to this belief in female equality, Hirsi Ali now requires permanent bodyguards."

Personally, I see the enslavement of women as also lying at the heart of Christian fundamentalism and believe we are just lucky that they don't hold enough power in the areas of the world they dominate to be able to oppress most women quite as much, although there are many who are. If you don't believe me, think about the Mormon polygamist sects in our very own West, as just one example. And if you don't know about that, read "Under the Banner of Heaven."

In any event, I hope I don't need a bodyguard for agreeing with Hirsi Ali.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Buried or Swamped...I Can't Tell

Girls Gotta Run has been taking up an enormous amount of my time since the new year started and I've been telling people I can't tell if I'm buried IN Girls Gotta Run administrivia or swamped BY Girls Gotta Run administrivia, but that is about all the bad news there is to it...all else is good.

We had our first Board meeting of the year a few days ago and celebrated the successes of our first year with champagne and "women's power" cookies that I had gotten the night before at a reception at the Sewall Belmont House for the women in Congress.

We completed our first Annual Report and it is on the website ( I've also sent out about a zillion messages letting people know of it and forwarding copies of it to some.

We have a new online "Store" with a large variety of both adult and children's clothing and other merchandise with our logo on it (and a sizing chart so it's easy to figure out what size).

We are registered with Guide Star and are completing an application for this year's local Catalog for Philanthropy, due February 15.

We've started making plans for exhibits for this year. One is scheduled for Smithville, New Jersey and another in the works for NYC.

So, I guess those would be highlights, but not all of it. For example, my wonderful webmistress and I have been busily revising and updating the GGRF website. thing always seems to lead to another and at some point I'm going to have to just take a break and let things sit awhile because I just HAVE to do some painting!! !! :)

Which leads me to mention that my wonderful webmistress and I have also recently, for the first time in over a year, updated my painting site, Pat's Paintings ( Check it out!


Yesterday was Groundhog Day. More interestingly, it was Imbolc, which was almost undoubtedly the forerunner to Groundhog Day....Read about how it probably happened here: